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Don't Forget The Spoon is a mobile app to help you plan and pack for your next outdoor adventure. We know there is a whole lot more to just packing, and want to cultivate a community around the app. We want to encourage and promote outdoor adventure as a whole. I hope you can join us in one of our multitude of communities, or just swing by any of them if you have a question or need help with the app!

Ten Digit Grid

Before creating Don't Forget The Spoon I started a Forum/Blog Called Ten Digit Grid. My wife and I share all our adventures and trail guides there! Feel free to join the discussions, or create and share your own adventures!

On the Ten Digit Grid Forums there is a section dedicated to Don't Forget The Spoon, and I also have a thread just dedicated to app updates.


If you are a fan of Reddit, we have our own sub reddit called r/DontForgetTheSpoon come join us there for app updates, pack shake downs, questions suggestions etc.

Our Reddit page is 100% Dedicated to Don't Forget The Spoon, so if you don't want the distraction of my awesome trip reports on Ten Digit Grid, check out our Reddit Page!


If you like short form posts, pictures etc. and Twitter is your thing feel free to follow us on Twitter as well.