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Welcome to the Don't Forget The Spoon Documentation. All features in our app will be outlined in this documentation. After reading the documentation if you are still stuck feel free to reach out to us on our contact page.

Key Features

  • Build Your Own Digital Gear Locker
  • Analyze Pack Weight statistics
  • Track Packed Calories
  • Swipe items to mark them as 'packed' and never forget an item again
  • Search Community Gear Locker
  • Search public packs for inspiration planning your own adventures
  • Share a link to your pack and share with all your friends

Our Story

The idea for Don't Forget The Spoon came to me while my wife and I were freezing cold and attempting to eat dinner In Yosemite National Park in the winter.

My wife and I have this tradition of visiting Yosemite around Valentine's day to go backcountry snowshoe camping. It's great because the crowds are low and it feels like you have Yosemite all to yourselves.

Yosemite National Park

One year while making a winter Clouds Rest attempt we had hiked about 5 miles climbing out of the valley with crampons and ice axes past Vernal Falls and up to little Yosemite Valley.

We got to little Yosemite Valley pretty late, and by the time we had our campsite prepared and dug out, it was getting dark. I started our stove and quickly began melting ice to reheat our dehydrated camping meals.

Stove Cooking

It was a beautiful cold night camping in the shadow of Half Dome, and we were both super excited to get some warm food in our bellies and then get to sleep. We had another hard day in the morning and would need our rest to push to the top of Clouds Rest.

After pouring the hot water into our dehydrated meals and waiting for them to warm up, it finally came time to eat!

I went to grab our spoons and realized we forgot to pack them!

We ended up having to dig through the snow to find some sticks, then carved out a mini spoon so we could eat. It wasn't ideal, and I fell asleep that night thinking of how I could make an app to help us not forget to pack the spoons or any other gear in the future.

Clouds Rest Sunset