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Search Public Packs

Searching public packs is all done with the tag cloud at the top of the 'Find Packs' page. These tags are all the same tags that you can tag your pack when you create or edit your pack.

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Tag Cloud

The tag cloud has many tags which is how the public packs are categorized. The tag cloud scrolls left and right, by swiping your finger in either direction.

When you tap a tag, it will change colors to show that it is selected.

If any packs are marked public and have that tag applied to the pack they will show up below the tag cloud. All packs are in order of how many likes they have received.


To further refine the list of public packs, you can select more then one tag at a time. For example, you can select 'Hiking' and 'Winter'. Then the list will only show packs that have both the 'Hiking' and 'Winter' tags selected.

Selected Tag